Best Massage in Bali

Felicity and I have been engaged in comprehensive, dogged research these past two years to find the very best massage in Bali.  This project has taken us to every part of the island to fancy resort spas, therapy centers, street-side masseuses… you name it.  Literally dozens of massages and hundreds of hours were put into this job.  I’m exhausted just writing about it. Seriously, there are some excellent masseuses and spas in Bali…better per square kilometer than any place in the world.

After compiling our findings and running many analytics, statistical equations, meditating and praying, we have a winner:  THE BEST MASSAGE IN BALI IS BY IBU KETUT of Subak Tabola.  She leads the spa team at Subak Tabola on a beautiful hilltop in Sidemen.

Ibu Ketut, The Best Masseuse in Bali

Ibu Ketut, The Best Masseuse in Bali

Ibu Ketut is strong and well-trained. She’s worked as a masseuse all over Asia. She really knows what she’s doing, and after an hour in her strong hands you feel like a newborn baby. Ibu is also about the kindest person you’ll ever meet, and you’re part of the family after the first massage. Ketut has trained the other members of the Subak Tabola Spa Team so whoever gives you a massage, you’ll love it.

The Subak Tabola spa setting is also beautiful. It’s not the least bit fancy. The spa is the patio of an old Javan joglo that sits next to an irrigation canal and rice fields. While Ketut or Kadek works on you, you hear the water rushing and hear the birds singing. Afterwards, you can take a shower or bath outside, and then head off to the bar and pool at Subak Tabola or its sister hotel next door, Surya Shanti. You can book a massage with Ketut by contacting Ayu at Subak Tabola 081337597898. Subak Tabola website: Surya Shanti Website:

View from the Subak Tabola spa.

View from the Subak Tabola spa.

I’m sure other folks have their favorite massages, and you’re welcome to add a comment with your favorite. But once Ketut has worked on you, you will be spoiled forever.

Pak Dave

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