Where is Central Europe’s Best Food?

Croatia…near the Slovenia border…in the little spa town of Krapinske Toplice… we found the most amazing chef.  He’s a local guy, Mislav Božić, who loves feeding people.  He’s very good at it.  He honed his skills in Zagreb, and then traveled to Tokyo to cook.  He’s combined his Croatian roots to his Asian experience to create something wonderful.

Chef Mislav Božić Hotel Villa Magdalena

Chef Mislav Božić
Hotel Villa Magdalena

No, I’m not an investor, just a very satisfied customer (eater).  Check out this video which reveals Mislav’s two key secrets to cooking:

2 thoughts on “Where is Central Europe’s Best Food?

  1. So now we definitely need to have drinks. I MUST hear about Croatia. It’s on our “soon to see” travel list and I’d love to hear your experiences.
    What a life you have! ☺

    Kathy Miller
    Public Affairs –
    Communications Coordinator
    661-809-5445 cell

    • I’m definitely willing to share some rijaka or slivovitz with you and share our stories of the Balkans. We really liked it here. The people are very friendly and the scenery is uniquely beautiful. See you in December.

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