Pak Dave Who?


IMG_1130Dave Fogarty (Pak Dave) with his partner, Ibu Felicity, were volunteers at a community near Klungkung.  They spent two years in Bali teaching English and helped set up a grassroots recycling program called Keep Bali Beautiful. Along the way, Pak and Ibu seem to stumble into a few other adventures living on the magical island of Bali. Now  this blog is focused on their travels in Europe before returning to the United States in 2016…at least for a while.

Note: Pak is short of bapak which literally means grandfather, but generally is used to address any old guy with gray or in my case (white) hair.  Ibu is the Indonesian word for mother and is used as an honorary title for women over 29.

2 thoughts on “Pak Dave Who?

  1. Dear Pak and Ibu – enjoyed the pictures. Looks like you both are accomplishing great things. Good for you. Stay well. From Renee

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