Late-Night-Pillow-Talk-Dreams….by Maxwell Fogarty

Pages from amazon cover

Max’s new (and first) book of poetry has been published and the E-Book version is available at Amazon (click here) for the low, low price of $9.99.  Please consider helping out a starving new artist, and be sure to leave a review.  The book is illustrated by the brilliant English artist Arran MacPhail.

Here’s an excerpt:

Strolls of Argentine

A father and son walk through weaving cobble veined Streets to then stumble upon the heart of magical piazzas That shined like unknown biblical hymns cracking their Most pessimistic eyes clear again—


Max is currently working on a farm and writing his next book near Gothesborg, Sweden. However, this photo is a pair of grandmothers in Abruzzo, Italy who adopted him.

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